Ultrasonic Whitening

Beyond® Polus Ultrasonic Whitening has been independently voted by dentaladvisor.com as the worlds top whitening system for 8-years in a row… there is nothing else like it!


Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasound, uses high frequency sound waves inaudible to the ear to develop a gentle ultrasound vibration to help loosen staining for faster whiter results than ever before.

Avoids irritation of the nerves of the teeth

The Ultrasonic BEYOND® Polus Advanced operates at a lower temperature than similar products by using the latest optical technology thus avoiding irritation of the nerves of the teeth.


Removes heat & UV Rays

The inbuilt filtration system removes harmful heat and UV light from the and directs the full power of ultrasonic waves to the teeth.  The 12 blue LED lights merges with the ultrasonic waves at the front of the lamp head delivering maximum acceleration at a wavelength of 480-520 nanometers.

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