The Best Teeth Whitening in Auckland

The Best Teeth Whitening in Auckland

We truly believe you won’t find a more friendly or professional teeth whitening service!

♦ Great news! We now have Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening treatments!

We are proud to announce we now have the latest technology available. The Beyond® Polus Advanced, with ULTRASONIC whitening enhancement.

POLUS ADVANCED has been independently voted by the Dental Advisor as the WORLDS TOP WHITENING SYSTEM for 8-years in a row… there is nothing else like it!

Not only the most POWERFUL system in the world, but also has ULTRASONIC whitening.

This technology renders ALL other systems…old technology!

The Beyond Whitening System is Scientifically proven to whiten better than EVERY other whitening system including LASER and LED.

The new POLUS ADVANCED uses ULTRASONIC whitening technology for whiter teeth faster than ever before.


Current Specials


  • 45 min ultrasonic  whitening (for heavy stained teeth) $295 now $250

         –  ideal for smokers who want that white smile back

  • 30 min ultrasonic  whitening – $260 now $195


Call Sarah on 09 359 9010 to discuss which treatment is best for you!


teeth-whitening-faqsWill it hurt or damage my teeth? How long does it take? How much does it cost?

All your questions and concerns answered here, including how long it takes, the cost and ongoing treatments.



Beyond Polus Advanced Whitening Accelorator with ultrasound.

Award winning whitening system and premium grade Beyond Osmo whitening gels for ultimate results. This technology renders ALL other systems…old technology!