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Teeth After and Before Whitening
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Our Whitening Treatments Are Safer Than Drinking Orange Juice

Source:  YanFang Ren, PhD


  • Some people may experience some slight sensitivity during or after treatment, this is quite a normal occurrence and completely ceases after 24 hours. We do offer an aftercare treatment called Bluminerals, this eases sensitivity even further.

  • No. Harmful light and heat are filtered out. The Laser or LED light, or Ultrasonic waves operate at a lower temperate than similar products, increasing patient comfort levels and decreasing the risk of developing tooth sensitivity.

  • You have to get your hair done every 6 weeks but you can have a top up treatment every 6 months. You can get it done more regularly as it doesn’t hurt and there’s no damage to your teeth.

  • Our whitening gel is the only gel available in NZ to be approved without restriction in the by NZ Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in the 2011 review of Dental Teeth Whitening Products.

  • We sell a variety of the enamel boosting and home teeth whitening products, check out our aftercare page here.

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