The Best Teeth Whitening in Auckland

The Best Teeth Whitening in Auckland

We truly believe you won’t find a more friendly or professional teeth whitening service!

♦ Great news! We have moved to 130 St Georges Bay Road. 


Current Specials

20 Minute Top up Treatment $100 now $85.

  • Top up that smile – move 2-6 shades whiter for a fresh looking smile.
  • Full strength treatment.
  • You will be in out in under 30 minutes.

45 Minute Whitening Treatment $180 now $125.

  • Complete whitening treatment move 4-16 shades for a great smile.
  • Full strength Huaer gel treatment.
  • You will be in and out in under 1 hour.

Premium grade Beyond Osmo treatment with Bluminerals $340 now $220.

  • Complete one hour whitening treatment with Bluminerals and take home whitening pen.
  • Bluminerals protects that smile after your treatment.
  • Using premium grade Beyond Osmo treatment gel.


Call Sarah on 09 359 9010 to discuss which treatment is best for you!


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teeth-whitening-faqsWill it hurt or damage my teeth? How long does it take? How much does it cost?

All your questions and concerns answered here, including how long it takes, the cost and ongoing treatments.


teeth-whitening-equipmentWorld-renowned BEYOND Polus

Award winning whitening system and premium grade Beyond Osmo whitening gels for ultimate results.